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    What is the cube of the algebraic binomial?

    What is the cube of the algebraic binomial? The binomial cube is a volume puzzle, enclosed in a small wooden box. The binomial cube concretely represents the algebraic formula (a + b) ^ 3 = (a + b) x (a + b) x (a + b). With a, the edge of the blue cube, b, the edge of the red cube, for

  • The Hanoi Tower

    the Hanoi Tower offers different challenges depending on the age of the child and intellectual maturity. This consists of 3 vertical rods. In one of the rods are arranged 8 disks stacked on each other from the largest to the smallest. The other stems are empty. The objective of the game is to move all the discs one by one on the other empty

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    The abacus

    “From the age of 3, it is recommended to introduce the concept of number, and you can well imagine that the method we are going to approach is natural, simple and effective.”  Did you know, the abacus is one of the oldest tools for calculating the history of mankind. The abacuses make it possible to calculate the 4 basic operations:  additions, subtractions , multiplications

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    How to use the Montessori Blocks of Cylinders

    How to use the Montessori “Blocks of Cylinders” teaching material: There are 4 Blocks a block progression in height, a block progression in diameter, a block progression increasing in height and decreasing in diameter, and finally a block progression in height and diameter. Here’s how to present them to your child: The blocks are presented one after the other on