The Hanoi Tower

the Hanoi Tower offers different challenges depending on the age of the child and intellectual maturity. This consists of 3 vertical rods. In one of the rods are arranged 8 disks stacked on each other from the largest to the smallest. The other stems are empty. The objective of the game is to move all the discs one by one on the other empty rods, stacked in a tower as on the initial stem. To achieve this goal, the following rules must be respected:

1. You can only move one disc at a time

2. Larger disk can not be stacked on a smaller disk

3. You can only move the disk to the top of each stack.


3 discs -> 7 steps

4 discs -> 15 steps

5 discs -> 31 steps

6 disks -> 63 steps

7 discs -> 127 steps

8 dis disks -> 255 steps

The game that this material offers requires some maturity so that the child does not feel frustrated trying to solve it. This is the reason why this game is more suitable for children over 7 years old. At first, it is suggested that the child play with a tower of only 3 discs. In this way, the game is a challenge and at the same time, the child can solve the problem. As the child discovers how to build it using the other stems, he can add additional discs to the tower until he gets there with the 8 discs. It is a fun math game that helps the child develop his or her observation and concentration skills.

The Hanoi Tower is a Montessori component in the sense that it is a material that offers both fun and learning. The color discs and their sizes are eye-catching and invite to play with. The game can be played by the child alone or with a third person. Playing together helps to motivate each other and to learn from each other.


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